Yiddish from Scratch, with Ken Blady

 Yiddish Classes in the Bay Area, Yiddish Classes Online

Multi-session course on Zoom, Tuesdays, 1/23 – 3/21/23, 4-5:30pm Pacific Time. Register now to ensure there are enough students!

Learn this rich and colorful language in a relaxed, irreverent and haymishe atmosphere.

Emphasis will be placed on interactive conversation among the students (almost) entirely in Yiddish in order to develop the ability to form sentences for basic needs when conversing with Yiddish speakers.  The instructor will include salient aspects of Yiddish history and culture as grist for conversation.

Presented by New Lehrhaus in partnership with KlezCalifornia. This course will likely continue to be offered every few months.

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More info and registration: https://www.newlehrhaus.org/program/ken-blady-yiddish-from-scratch-virtual-on-zoom-3/2023-01-24/

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