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Extensive collection of Yiddish books.

 Other Resources /  East Bay

Lectures on the history of Jews in France; Yiddish culture,Yiddish theatre, and Yiddish choruses in Paris; the history of Yiddish cultural institutions in Europe; and the history of the Jewish Left in European history. Can also do workshops based on these same themes/topics. Ph.D. in modern European and Jewish history...

 Lecturers /  Napa County

Teaches conversational Yiddish, Yiddish sayings and folk expressions  

 Lecturers, Yiddish Language Teachers & Translators /  East Bay

Traditional East European klezmer music, Klezmer Shul project, many lecture/demonstrations, dance parties (available with Steve Weintraub). Fidl, viola, accordion, tsimbl, tilinca, baraban, cello, bass. Cookie Segelstein, Joshua Horowitz and Stuart Brotman form a trio of veteran musicians, known throughout the world for energetic concerts, informative lectures, and tireless teaching. From...

 Performers /  East Bay

Vocolot, led by Linda Hirschhorn, brings a joyous fusion of folk, jazz and cantorial vocal traditions into the contemporary a cappella world. Their music, rooted in universal heart, social conscience and Jewish soul, communicates a powerful vision of world peace and reconciliation. Vocolot sings in English, Hebrew, Ladino, Yiddish, and...

 Performers, Yiddish Choruses, Singers & Song Leaders /  East Bay

Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen is dedicated to building community through traditional Jewish comfort food. Founded in San Francisco’s Mission District, Wise Sons pairs classic Jewish recipes with the best Californian ingredients to make delicious deli fare that would make your bobe proud. Numerous locations in San Francisco, plus Downtown Oakland,...

 Ashkenazic Food /  San Francisco

Use in conjunction with "College Yiddish," above. Search online for this book. KlezCalifornia does not sell it.  

 Yiddish Language Textbooks

Fall 2020: First-year Yiddish, First Quarter (AMELANG 140A, JEWISHST 104A), with Jon Levitow 09/14 - 11/20/2020, Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu 1-2pm. Stanford University's Taube Center for Jewish Studies offers an interdisciplinary program for the study and understanding of Jewish cultures, literatures, languages, religion, politics, and history. Occasionally there are...


The Yiddish Book Center is a nonprofit organization working to recover, celebrate, and regenerate Yiddish and modern Jewish literature and culture. Site has extensive resources on language, literature, and more.

 Yiddish Culture Online

Meets most Wednesday nights, 7:30-9:00pm, led by Karen K. Bergen. Repertoire is mainly Yiddish songs, with some Ladino, Hebrew, and Russian songs mixed in for spice. At least three performances a year. Songs are taught so new members can be successful even if they don't speak Yiddish or read music....

 Yiddish Choruses, Singers & Song Leaders /  Santa Clara County

Beginning Yiddish class Fall 2022 includes how to read and write letters of the alef-beyz (alphabet), along with basic vocabulary and conversation. Plus additional Yiddish language, culture, and social justice classes, all online. Presented by SoCal Arbeter Ring/Workers Circle  (Southern California)  

 Yiddish Classes Online /  Online

YAAANA, The Yiddish Arts and Academics Association of North America, provides Yiddish education and cultural programming to the San Diego area and beyond. Online programs include Yiddish language courses at all levels, programs for children, Yiddish Teachers' Committee, and a leyenkrayz (reading circle, in Yiddish).

 Yiddish Classes Online, Yiddish Culture Online, Youth Programs /  Online

Throughout the year, YIVO offers courses in Yiddish language, Jewish history, and Jewish culture that are open to the general public. All current courses are taking place online. Based in New York, YIVO is dedicated to fostering knowledge of the ongoing story of Jewish life, with a focus on the...

 Yiddish Classes Online, Yiddish Culture Online /  Online

Yankl Levitow teaches Yiddish classes in the South Bay and Santa Cruz. Learn more at his website In Spring 2022, he is offering one "intermediate-advanced" class online, Tuesdays 7:30 - 9 pm, for students who have some experience reading and speaking in Yiddish. Cost $200, first visit free. Contact Yankl...

 Yiddish Classes in the Bay Area, Yiddish Classes Online, Yiddish Language Teachers & Translators /  Online

Workers Circle's online Yiddish language program incorporates the latest technologies in distance learning — classes are conducted with face-to-face chat, whiteboard, and audio and video capabilities. Every session is recorded, giving students the flexibility to review the material at their own pace.

 Yiddish Classes Online /  Online

College-level Yiddish language courses at three levels.

 Yiddish Classes Online /  Online

Duolingo Yiddish, released in April 2021, is an online Yiddish course encompassing 70 sections called “skills,” with each skill featuring five levels. The 350 levels have three to six lessons each. With every lesson requiring at least five to seven minutes, the roughly 1,300 lessons will take a minimum of...

 Yiddish Classes Online, Yiddish Language Textbooks

Jewish Communities of Vermont invites you to register for Yidish in di Grine Berg (Yiddish in the Green Mountains), offered via Zoom in six-week sessions with a break between sessions. For classes after January 2022, contact   Beginner Boot Camp is for those who have no knowledge of the...

 Yiddish Classes Online /  Online

Language classes in New York and online via Google+Hangout.

 Yiddish Classes Online /  Online

Yidish un Yidishkayt, an informal Yiddish language and culture class/group for participants at any skill level, meets usually the first Thursday of the month at 7:30pm. Suspended during pandemic. Our monthly Yiddish class explores the language and culture of Ashkenazic Jews. It has some nostalgia, but includes modern insights from...

 Yiddish Language & Culture – Informal Learning /  East Bay

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