Augie's Montreal Deli

 Ashkenazi Food

The Augie’s Authentic Montreal Deli concept comes from founder and creator Alexei (Lex) Gopnik-Lewinski, who has called the San Francisco Bay Area home since 1988. Over the years, whenever Lex went back to Montreal to visit friends and family, without fail he would return with pounds of the traditional smoked meat because, surprisingly, it could not be found in the Bay Area (or most of the US for that matter). On one particular trip home to SFO, his meat was taken by a customs officer for reasons not clearly explained (it happened to be near the time of the mad cow scare, though we think this may have been a hungry customs officer!). It was at that moment that Lex decided he would no longer live without the Montreal mainstay. He would work to create his own version of the smoked meat, and is excited to share his passion with the very culturally diverse and food-savvy San Francisco community.