What is KlezCalifornia?

Watch this new three-minute video that shows you KlezCalifornia’s community, events, and programs.

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How to Build a Yiddish Social Club, with Jake Schneider

Three different, 1-3 minute videos about the Tam program

Featuring the YidLife Crisis comedy duo

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A 1-minute introduction to KlezCalifornia’s 26 lesson plans for kids about Yiddish culture.

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What are Tam Lesson Plans?
How teachers and parents can use Tam lesson plans

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Why Yiddish Culture?
How Yiddish culture is politically relevant, transgressive, and has vitamins no other language does.

Videos about KlezCalifornia

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KlezCalifornia Yiddish Culture Festival 2014
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KQED Spark: KlezCalifornia
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KlezCalifornia Workshop Teachers
2021 – 2022