Conversational Yiddish, with Ken Blady

 Yiddish Classes in (or online from) the Bay Area

For those who can already speak rudimentary Yiddish.

Eight Tuesdays, 4/25 – 6/13/23, 6:30-8:00pm Pacific Time

Stress in this class will be placed on interactive conversation with the instructor and among the students (almost) entirely in Yiddish. I will work on improving your Yiddish diction so that you can converse in a geshmake (tasteful) and neshumedig (soulful) mame loshn with native Yiddish speakers. I will help you develop grammar skills and grow a vocabulary.
Included will be salient aspects of the history and evolution of Yiddish as grist for class geshmeesen (conversations).
A recording of class activities and material from the Chat Room will be sent to each student immediately after each session.

Tuition: $100.00
Please remit amount to Ken’s PayPal account:
By check, please send to Ken Blady, 1305 Evelyn Ave., Berkeley, CA, 94702
Please let him know in advance if you will be sending a check.

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