Free Beginners Yiddish classes presented by Workers Circle of Northern California

 Yiddish Classes in the Bay Area, Yiddish Classes Online

Workers Circle/Arbeter Ring of Northern California (WC/AR of No. CA) offers free bi-weekly Beginners Yiddish classes taught by Andrew Kuznetsov via Zoom.

Regular classes will resume September 10, 2021, and continue biweekly through December 17. Beginners Yiddish I will meet at 1:15 pm Pacific Time and Beginners Yiddish II (Intermediate) at 3 pm Pacific Time. Classes are 90 minutes. Classes teach reading, writing and speaking. Beginners I will resume from where last semester’s class left off, with some review. You must know the alef-beys to join Beginners I.

For more information, contact Sharon Wilensky at email indicated.

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