History of Yiddish Culture in English

 Yiddish Classes in the Bay Area, Yiddish Language & Culture – Informal Learning

Yiddish 103, History of Yiddish Culture (in English), Tu & Thurs, 12:30 – 2pm, with Alec Leyzer Burko. Was offered Fall 2021. Not being offered Spring 2022.

U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley.

This online course traced the development of Yiddish culture from the first settlement of Jews in German lands through centuries of life in Eastern Europe, down to the main cultural centers today in Israel and America. The course will examine how changes in Jewish life have found expression in the Yiddish language. It will provide an introduction to Yiddish literature in English translation, supplemented by excursions into Yiddish music, folklore, theater, and film.

Alec (Leyzer) Burko is a professional Yiddishist who has taught Yiddish in the YIVO Summer Program and the Jewish Theological Seminary. He is at work on a Yiddish Dialect Dictionary (yiddishdialectdictionary.com) which grew out of the research for his dissertation Saving Yiddish: Yiddish Studies and the Language Sciences in America, 1940-1970 (Jewish Theological Seminary, 2019). He edited the volume Mame-loshn by Nahum Stutchkoff, lives in the “Yiddish House” in the Bronx, and performs occasionally on the Yiddish stage.

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