Mon Dec 07 2020


10:00 am



A Flute in the Klezmer Band: Story book? Myth? Vanishing or Sleight-of-Hand Trick?

with klezmer flutist Adrianne Greenbaum

Lecture #27 in Josh Horowitz’s series, The Promiscuous World of Jewish Music

The flute was one of the first instruments in the kapelye (band) and seemingly getting along just fine, according to early recordings. Then poof! Vanished! What happened? Were we nokhshleppers/shlep-alongs? Did we get kicked out for misbehaving? Wrong notes?? Aha! Too loud and too much melodic competition with the violin! Renowned klezmer flutist, Adrianne Greenbaum, will offer an overview of the historic presence of the klezmer flute: what kind of flute was played, and more importantly, why did the many players of the flute no longer receive the invitation to play for the khasene (wedding)? Adrianne, who apparently “got the invite”, will deliver interesting info and share demo-performances old and new.

Monday, December 7, 11am California/2pm New York/ 7pm UK/ 8pm most of Europe

There is a Zoom limit of 100 participants.

Length: 1 – 2 hours.

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