Sun Nov 24 2019


11:00 am


San Francisco
Co-presented by KlezCalifornia

A Journey Through the Ukrainian-Jewish Encounter, with Alti Rodal

Jewish Community Library, San Francisco

Free event with free garage parking on Pierce St between Ellis and Eddy (click here for a map)

Most Ashkenazic Jews in the world today are descendants of Jews from lands that are now Ukraine. Alti Rodal will provide a multi-media overview of the long history of Jews on Ukrainian lands and their interactions with Ukrainians, and others, in the context of empires and changing political regimes, times of crisis, and centuries of co-existence and cross-cultural fertilization in music, language, folk art, folklore, literature, and cuisine.

Alti Rodal is co-director of the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter. Educated at McGill, Oxford, and Hebrew Universities, she is an historian, writer, former professor of Jewish history, and former official and advisor to the Government of Canada.

Co-presented by the Ukrainian Jewish Encounter.

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