Mon May 03 2021


1:00 pm - 3:00 pm



Birobidzhan: Stalin’s Socialist Paradise for Jews in Siberia, with Ken Blady

In 1934, the Soviet government established the Jewish Autonomous Region (JAR), popularly known as Birobidzhan, in a remote, sparsely-populated territory in the Soviet Far East. Designated as the national homeland of Soviet Jewry, Birobidzhan was part of the Kremlin’s efforts to create an alternative to Palestine. Topics to be discussed: Lenin, Stalin, the Nationalities Issues, and the Jewish Question; Jewish Bolshevism, Bolshevik Judaism: establishment of the Jewish Section of the Community Party; propaganda campaigns to settle Jews on the soil in the Crimea and Siberia; everyday life and culture in the JAR; other solutions to the “Jewish Problem” Stalin and the Doctors’ Plot.

Mondays, May 3 – 24, 1 – 3pm
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