Wed May 05 2021


Pacific Time
4:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Presented by KlezCalifornia

DrayMakhers: Share Jewish Recipes

Join KlezCalifornia for an hour of community culture building with Jewish laughter and humor, food and recipes, and thinking peoples’ games on a three-month cycle.

For this second event, May 5, come prepared to introduce and share five of your favorite Jewish recipes and/or show us how you make them. If you submit recipes ahead of time, we will screen share them and (if you like) distribute them. In the third month, June 9, come prepared to play games which highlight Jewish people, real or fictitious, and suggest games you know of that we may play. The cycle will continue month after month! You are welcome to sign up for one event or more.

If you have any questions: contact coordinator Evie Groch.

To sign up for the May 5 get-together, scroll down to BOOK EVENT, click on NEXT, and complete the registration form.

Registration ends at 12 noon Pacific Time the day of the event. If you want to try to participate after that, write We cannot promise to notice your email if you register after the deadline.

Those who register on time will receive an email with sign-in info by 2 pm. If you have not heard by then, write a.s.a.p. to Please do not wait until just before the event begins to notice whether you have the sign-in info.

The event is free, however we request donations of any amount (whatever you can afford) to enable KlezCalifornia to continue to connect you with Yiddish culture. Gifts are tax-deductible.

Participants are expected to have their video turned on, as this is a social event at which we want to see each other. Registering gives KlezCalifornia permission to take still images and use them for educational or other organizational purposes.

To keep you informed of future events, we enroll registrants in our free monthly newsletter, which includes klezmer and Yiddish culture events in the San Francisco Bay Area and beyond. You may unsubscribe at any time. KlezCalifornia does not share its email lists with other organizations.

Definition: In a cultural community like ours, we find lots of gantze makhers, (“big shots”; gantse = complete/entire; makhers = big shots, fixers). If we sort ourselves into three specific groups that offer a mixture of laughter, appreciation of cuisine, and playtime, we come up with DrayMakhers (dray = three). What a mekhaye (pleasure/delight) to be part of the DrayMakhers!

[At the June 9 Draymakhers event, we will play games that highlight Jewish people, real or fictitious. The cycle will continue month after month, with a summer event (date TBD) turning again to Jewish laughter and humor.]