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KlezNorth Festival, from England

KlezNorth is the United Kingdom’s biggest regional festival of Yiddish arts, which this year features the most innovative programme ever seen at KlezNorth, covering klezmer music, dance, Yiddish song, language and cultural history: Concerts, workshops, talks, panels, cookery demos, a quiz, a silent Yiddish film with live music, and even a Yiddish dance party beaming direct from New York! Check out the draft programme.

Special workshops for families and young people. The film programme includes a classic silent film on Friday with live music composed and performed by Merlin and Polina Shepherd. Open events include the KlezNorth Faculty concert on Saturday and, live from New York on Sunday, a Yiddish dance party (or Klezmer Keilidh as we call it!).

Traditional Friday Night welcome and Tish, a Dance Walk in the countryside, jam sessions at different speeds, the classic Klezmer Kabaret where participants can take the spotlight, and plenty of opportunities for shmoozing.

After KlezNorth, participants will be able to film themselves playing, singing or dancing (or all three!) for the KlezNorth Groyser Orkester video.

See Festival link below and also Facebook event.

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