Sun Jan 17 2021


Pacific Time
5:00 pm



The Inimitable Talents of Moishe Oysher

Enjoy listing to Yiddish singer, Moishe Oysher.

From Wikipedia: “Moishe Oysher (Yiddish: משה אוישער‎) (born 1906 in Lipkon (Lipcani), Bessarabia, Imperial Russia – died 27 November 1958, New Rochelle, New York) was an American cantor and Yiddish theatre actor. He is considered one of the most entertaining khazonim (cantors) ever recorded.”

This presentation is part of a free weekly series focusing on the Golden Age of Hazzanut (khazones) presented by the Cantors Assembly, usually Sundays at 5pm Pacific Time.

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