Sat - Sun May 18 - 19 2024


Grantee of KlezCalifornia's Yiddish Culture Fund

Queer History of Klezmer, with Ben Sweet

Embark on a captivating journey through the queer history of klezmer music in this illuminating free workshop, offered twice. Passionate historians will uncover hidden narratives, explore diverse identities, and celebrate the LGBTQ+ contributions to this vibrant musical tradition. Engage in discussions, listen to queer klezmer compositions, and honor a legacy of resilience and creativity. 

These workshops are being streamed from KlezKolorado, a weekend-long klezmer festival May 17-19 that centers local and national klezmer acts, Yiddish culture, workshops, and Colorado’s Jewish community. The organizers are LGBTQ+ individuals in their twenties and thirties together with the Staenberg-Loup Jewish Community Center in Denver. KlezKolorado will highlight the burgeoning klezmer revival in Denver, Boulder, and beyond, and create a new space for Yiddishists to gather and celebrate LGBT+ culture.

Register for Saturday, May 18, 10-11:30am Pacific Time:

Register for Sunday, May 19, 8:30-10am Pacific Time:

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