Sun - Fri May 15 - 27 2022


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Queer Yiddish Camp

Queer Yiddish Camp is a new, online two-week Yiddish intensive for all levels. Take language, literature, song, history, and culture classes from an all-queer faculty of world-renowned Yiddish teachers, scholars, artists, activists, and cultural workers!

This inaugural year of Queer Yiddish Camp will bring together 50+ students to learn from a world-renowned, all-queer faculty of Yiddish teachers, scholars, artists, cultural workers, and community organizers from around the world.

Queer Yiddish Camp puts a strong emphasis on making Yiddish learning accessible to as many new and continuing students as possible. The scholarship program especially prioritizes People of Color, trans, disabled, low-income people and any other students of Yiddish who are underrepresented in mainstream Jewish and Yiddish spaces or may find them inaccessible.

Tuition: $400-800. Work-trade positions and scholarships are available. A Cabaret Fundraiser is being held Saturday, April 2, 1-3pm PT in support of the scholarship fund.

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