Sun Oct 22 2023


Pacific Time
2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Co-presented by KlezCalifornia

The Bund: A Graphic History, with Sharon Rudahl, Michael Kluckner, and Paul Buhle

Told in an engaging graphic novel format, The Bund (Between the Lines, 2023) explains the oppressive origins of Jewish resistance in Ukraine, Poland, and the Pale of Settlement in Tsarist Russia. Jews adapted to industrialization and organized against exploitation. As they became more divided along the linguistic borders of Yiddish and Hebrew, splits emerged between those who sought a distant ancestral homeland, others who emigrated and adapted to the “new world,” and those who fought against murderous Soviet and Nazi regimes. Charismatic resistance figures including Pati Kremer and Bernard Goldstein kept secular and progressive ideas alive against impossible odds in this graphic account of a little-known story. The first of its kind, this graphic history of Jewish labor resistance offers an account of a radical past that can have strong implications for many today.

With Sharon Rudahl, Michael Kluckner, and Paul Buhle. Presented by Jewish Community Library.

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