Thu Jan 23 2020


7:00 pm - 8:30 pm


San Francisco
Co-presented by KlezCalifornia

The Jewish Tsimbl, presented by Joshua Horowitz & Stuart Brotman

The tsimbl (trapeziform hammered dulcimer) formed the rhythmic backbone of many klezmer ensembles as early as the sixteenth century, and was ubiquitous enough to have generated the Ashkenazi family name “Zimbalist.” In Yiddish, the phrase “tsu nemen im afn tsimbl” (to take him over the tsimbl) means to scrutinize someone, and the Polish byword, “ty cymbale!” (you idiot!), is still in use today. The lore surrounding the instrument is full of references to the wandering Jew and the instrument itself has alternated as a symbol of both poverty and wealth, Jew and Gentile. Josh Horowitz will perform live and archival recorded examples of the tsimbl, present an historical account of the instrument and its progenitors, and discuss why it has beguiled audiences and writers for over four hundred years.

At Jewish Community Library, SF

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