Sun Jan 28 2024


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Alameda County

Other Locations

Alameda County
Alameda County

The Joy of Jewish Music and Dance: Qadim Ensemble

Join the JCC East Bay for a new monthly series celebrating “The Joy of Jewish Music and Dance!” Great for musicians, dancers, and enthusiasts to meet, schmooze, or simply to take in the beauty of these rich traditions.

Each session has three parts:

  1. During the first hour, participants can choose between two spaces to learn multi-ethnic music and dance technique and styles.
  2. Participants will all come together for the second hour for a dance party focusing on the dances and tunes taught in the prior hour.
  3. The third hour will be an informal music jam in one or more of the classroom spaces at the JCC.

Sheet music and reference recordings as available will be posted to the KlezCalifornia tune archive.

This session will have music lead by the Qadim Ensemble. Qadim is a word found in both Arabic and Hebrew meaning ‘ancient’ as well as ‘that which will come.’ The ensemble’s repertoire includes Arabic, Jewish, Turkish Sufi, Hebrew-Yemenite, Armenian, Greek, Ladino, and Moroccan music, celebrating the common musical and spiritual heritage of the region’s cultures, while honoring the great diversity found within them.

Dance will be led by Miriam Peretz.

Tickets are $72.00 for the five-session series or $18.00-$54.00 sliding scale for a single session. The workshop takes place at the JCC East Bay in Berkeley.

This event is supported, in part, by a grant from KlezCalifornia’s Yiddish Culture Fund.

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