Sun Aug 15 2021


2:00 pm - 3:00 pm


Presented by KlezCalifornia

Flisik Yidish Salon, August 2021

A conversation Salon for fluent (flisik) Yiddish speakers.

Tayere Fraynt,
Mir hofn az ir mit ayer gantse mishpokhe blaybn gezunt un shtark. Zuntik, dem 16 Oygust fun 2 biz 3 nokh mitog, veln mir hobn a Salon af Zoom. Bloyz di mentshn vos registirn az zey veln kumen veln bakumen dem veb adres.

Di teme far Oygust vet zayn:

   Vifl shprakhn redt ir? Velkhe zenen zey? Velkhe redt ir flisik? Velkhe shprakh hot ir tsu ersht gelernt? In velkher shprakh filt ir zikh tsum merstns bakvem? Ven ir volt gekent lernen a naye shprakh, velkhe volt es geven? Farvos?


TO REGISTER, SCROLL DOWN TO “BOOK EVENT,” click “NEXT,” and then enter your name and email. Registration ends Friday, August 13 at 12 noon PDT or when 20 registrations have been received, whichever is sooner. If you are unable to register, it is because you have already registered or the limit has been reached.

If you register and then find you cannot participate, please let us know at as soon as possible so if there is a waiting list we can allow someone else to participate.

Sign-in information will be sent to registrants the day of the Salon by 10am PT. If you have registered but not heard by then, write as quickly as possible. Please do not wait until just before 2pm PT and then notice you cannot find the sign-in information.

To get on the mailing list for early notification of Salons, contact You have a conversation in Yiddish with one of the co-hosts to ensure your level of fluency is appropriate.

For general information about Salons, see