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Hear a different rare Yiddish song every week, sung by a native speaker

 Klezmer Music & Yiddish Song Online /  Online

Congregation Ner Shalom's Yiddish Tish meets the first Wednesday of each month noon-1pm Pacific Time, currently on Zoom. Read the work of Yiddish writers in the original, translate together, discuss, laugh and enjoy. Join us, no Yiddish knowledge necessary! Led by Reb Irwin Keller. No charge, although contributions are encouraged....

 Yiddish Language & Culture – Informal Learning /  Online

Convert YIVO transliteration into alef-beys

 Yiddish Culture Online

Yiddish-language radio show from Boston

 Yiddish Culture Online

Illustrated Yiddish proverbs, aphorisms, insults, curses, and other folk sayings, in Yiddish with transliteration and English translation

 Yiddish Culture Online /  Online

with definition, synonyms, etymology, phrases using the word, and clip of a native Yiddish speaker using the word in conversation

 Yiddish Culture Online

For beginners. Book, CDs and answer key. More advanced Volume 2 also has a CD and answer key. Nine CD set also available. Search online for this book. KlezCalifornia does not sell it.

 Yiddish Language Textbooks

YiddishPOP is a lively, engaging interactive program that teaches Yiddish to speakers of other languages. Its lessons are built around animated movies and supporting features that introduce and reinforce vocabulary, grammar, pronunciation, reading comprehension, and writing skills. New concepts are couched in everyday situations, adding context for learners and helping...

 Yiddish Culture Online

New York-based archival collections and library, including YIVO Encyclopedia of Jews in Eastern Europe, a massive collection on arts, daily life, places, language and literature, history and religion. Includes Yiddish song recordings. YIVO Sound Archives on-line. Online courses on Ashkenazi culture, some with free registration.

 Klezmer Music & Yiddish Song Online, Yiddish Culture Online

Lectures on History of Russian-Jewish music, Jewish themes in Russian music, Marc Chagall and music. Ethnomusicologist and folklorist specializing in Eurasia. Visiting scholar at U.C. Berkeley’s Institute of Slavic, East European and Eurasian Studies teaching History of Russian-Jewish music (of the Society for Jewish Folk Music, 1908 to ca.1932). Author...

 Lecturers /  East Bay

Lectures on 17th – 20th century rabbinical Torah commentary (newly translated into English from the original Yiddish). Lectures on Chagall and the Russian Yiddish Theater. PowerPoint presentation of Jewish San Francisco: From the Gold Rush to Today. Has film of The Dybbuk: an opera sung in Yiddish and filmed in...

 Lecturers /  San Francisco

Lectures on Russian and East European Jewish history. Daniel E. Koshland Professor in Jewish Culture and History, Stanford University

 Lecturers /  East Bay

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