Dvorin-Spross, Miriam

 Lecturers, Performers, Yiddish Choruses, Singers and Song Leaders

  • Listing ID: 636
  • Background: Has taught Jewish music appreciation courses at HaMaqom (formerly Lehrhaus Judaica) and Sonoma State University. Sings and plays "backup" on her multitrack solo album Grandma Soup: Yiddish Songs on Arhoolie Records as well as appearing as vocalist and violinist with The Klezmorim on Streets of Gold. Producer and emcee of "Chalil: A Program of Jewish Music, Events and Concerns," which aired on Sonoma County radio for eight years.
  • Programs: Lectures on Jewish and world music illustrated with the lecturer’s own live musical performances. Yiddish, Ladino, Hebrew, Russian, French songs. klezmer, swing jazz, American folk, blues, Western European classical. Violin, viola, mandolin, guitar, erhu (Chinese bowed lute).