Song leader, choir director, band leader and music teacher. Leads the band ADAMA and the Nigunim Chorus; has taught adults and children for 25 years; leads singing in Yiddish, Hebrew, and Ladino around the Bay Area; provides music transcriptions, choral arrangements, sound equipment, and event planning and managing.

 Performers, Yiddish Choruses, Singers & Song Leaders /  East Bay

Klezmer jazz world music dance band led by Ben Brussell for over 20 years. Numerous recordings. Performed at numerous festivals, clubs, concerts, radio and television, for colleges, Jewish organizations, private events, and simkhehs. Provided music at 2008 opening of the Contemporary Jewish Museum. Performs for Jewish life cycle events, simkhehs,...

 Performers /  San Francisco

Performer, lecturer, and song leader. “Yiddish Piano Bar,” “Avanti! Forverts!” (Yiddish and Italian Protest Songs with Michael Alpert, Francesco Spagnolo), cabaret performances with band, and traditional khazones (chazanut). She has performed concerts of Yiddish songs throughout Israel, Europe, and U.S. Featured on Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman CD, Af di Gasn fun der...

 Lecturers, Performers, Yiddish Choruses, Singers & Song Leaders /  East Bay

Jewish dance artist. He teaches and leads all kinds of Jewish dance including Hasidic and klezmer/Yiddish.

 Lecturers, Performers, Yiddish/Klezmer Dance Leaders /  East Bay

Stuart Brotman, bass, basy (cello), tilinca and baraban (poik), has been an accomplished performer, arranger and recording artist in the ethnic music field for over 50 years. He has been a moving force in the klezmer revival since its beginning, and has defined klezmer bass (“It’s a large instrument that...

 Performers /  East Bay

Klezmer performances by a multi-reed instrumentalist who has played with The Gonifs, Klezmorim, and KlezX.

 Performers /  East Bay

Klezmer performances, weddings, bar/bas mitzveh parties, community celebrations. Klezmer, Yiddish folk songs and instrumentals, Yiddish and Yinglish versions of rock & roll songs, and original compositions.

 Performers /  East Bay

Weddings, bar/bas mitzveh parties, community gatherings, parties, concerts. Energetic and soulful klezmer and Romanian renditions; Israeli dances. Clarinet, fidl, viola, accordion, cello/bass, drums.

 Performers /  Yolo County

Jason Ditzian  is a wind instrumentalist who has composed and performed numerous works for dance, movie and theater. He has been manager of Kugelplex for over 15 years. When he's not playing klezmer, Jason performs and records with many Bay Area ensembles, including Charming Hostess and inkBoat. He is the Managing Director...


Jewlia and Kugelplex present themed programs on Jewish music from the Balkans, North Africa, and Eastern Europe. Jewlia/Charming Hostess present programs on Babylonian Jewish amulets, Jewish music of Salonika, philosopher critic Walter Benjamin, and Sarajevan resistance poetry. Jewlia explores the intersection of text, diaspora and the sounding body with her...

 Performers, Yiddish Choruses, Singers & Song Leaders /  East Bay

Upbeat klezmer instrumentals and Yiddish/Hebrew vocals, with gypsy and Celtic influences. Klezmer performances, weddings, bar/bas mitzveh parties, workshops, and other simkhehs. CDs: “Klezmer at the Confluence”, "And I in the Uttermost West," "The Flower of Berezin," "Shalom Ireland" by Ceilizemer (with Irish band, Driving with Fergus).

 Performers /  Sacramento County

The “Singing Jewish Cowboy,” Scott comes from a secular left-wing Jewish agricultural community near Petaluma, where Yiddish culture and activism for social justice were very important. He has worked in agriculture all his life, mainly on cattle ranches. Sings country, folk and cowboy songs, but Yiddish “shtetl folksongs,” sung to...

 Performers, Yiddish Choruses, Singers & Song Leaders /  Sonoma County

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