Gross, Rachel B., Ph.D.

 Ashkenazic Food, Lecturers

Rachel B. Gross is the John and Marcia Goldman Professor of American Jewish Studies in the department of Jewish studies at San Francisco State University. She is a scholar of religious studies whose work focuses on the lives, spaces, and objects of twentieth-century and contemporary American Jews. She is currently working on a book examining nostalgia and American Jewish religion, including studies of Jewish genealogy, historic synagogues, children’s books and dolls, and the Jewish deli revival. Dr. Gross received her Ph.D. from Princeton University.

Her publications include, “Feeling Jewish: Buying and Selling American Jewish Nostalgia” and  “Food Fights: The Politics of American Jewish Consumption, 1654–present.” Presentations include, “A Slippery Slope: Jews, Schmaltz, and Crisco in the Age of Industrial Food.”


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