Yiddish classes in the South Bay and Santa Cruz, with Yankl Levitow

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Yankl Levitow teaches Yiddish language and literature classes in the South Bay and Santa Cruz. Learn more at his website

In Fall 2023, he is offering the following. Contact Yankl Levitow directly for more info.

Intermediate Yiddish. This class is for students with a “starter-level” ability to read and speak. Basic reading skills as well as present tense sentences, using subject pronouns and some adjectives, have been covered in a previous class. The class will meet Wednesday evenings, 5:30-7 pm and will run for ten sessions: Oct. 4 – Dec. 13 (skipping Nov. 22). The cost is $150, but no one will be turned away for lack of funds!  This means: I ask for a contribution, but all pay what they can, or they don’t pay at all! Contact Yankl at

Reading Yiddish Literature. This class is for students with some ability to read Yiddish literature in the original. Fluency by no means required — but a basic ability to read is. Instruction and discussion take place in a mixture of Yiddish and English. Monday evenings, 7:30-9 pm, ten sessions Oct. 9 – Dec. 11.  $300 but no one will be turned away (see above).  Contact Yankl at

Stanford University: Yiddish Quarter One, Year One, is currently scheduled for MW 1:30-3:20. This is a regular, undergraduate language class.  Any background in Hebrew or German can help a lot, but no prior knowledge is required and there are no prerequisites. If you have an interest, sign up!  Or, contact Yankl at:   See

Stanford also offers a Second Year Yiddish class if there is a demand, covering the history of Yiddish literature. — in Yiddish. This class is for students who can already read to some degree. Questions or concerns?  Contact Yankl directly.

UC Santa Cruz: Yiddish classes will return to UCSC in Winter quarter 2024, and interested students can also continue into a second quarter in the Spring.  All are welcome!  Questions or concerns?  Contact Yankl and see The Center for Jewish Studies at UC Santa Cruz:

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