Jewish history and culture lecturer, Yiddish teacher, and translator of documents from Yiddish to English (and vice versa). Offers lectures on: History of the Yiddish Language Give Me Your Huddled Masses: Jewish Immigration to New York City and many other subjects.

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Yael Chaver teaches Yiddish language and literature at U.C. Berkeley. Her interests lie at the intersection of modern Hebrew and Yiddish cultures. She is the author of What Must be Forgotten: The Survival of Yiddish in Zionist Palestine, and has written and presented extensively on modern Yiddish and Hebrew literature...

 Lecturers, Yiddish Language Teachers & Translators /  East Bay

Native speaker who teaches Yiddish language. Leads Yiddish literature classes (in translation) through JCC Sonoma County, which will resume when participants can once again meet in person.

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Yankl Levitow teaches Yiddish classes in the South Bay and Santa Cruz. Fall 2020 classes are all online. Winter class updates coming soon! Intermediate Yiddish. This class is for students with some ability to read, write, and speak. It will meet Tuesday evenings, probably 3 - 5 pm (7- 9...

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This Italian from New York is a fluent Yiddish speaker, linguist, and teacher. See current CLASSES.

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Teaches conversational Yiddish, Yiddish sayings and folk expressions  

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