Lewicki, Jeanette

 Lecturers, Performers, Yiddish Choruses, Singers & Song Leaders

Jeanette Lewicki, who lives in Oakland, is a long-time singer of Yiddish songs as well as an accordionist and a klezmer bandleader. During the pandemic, she started the Pepi Litman Project to translate the satirical songs of that charismatic turn-of-the-century cross-dresser from Yiddish into English for widespread public sharing.

Jeanette feels lucky to learn from and work with dedicated Yiddishists including Arkady Gendler, Gerry Tenney, Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman, Itzik Gottesman, Eliezer Niborski, and Miriam Trinh.
She leads her own band “the gonifs” and is currently (Fall 2022)studying Yiddish on a full scholarship through YIVO.

Offers multi-media presentations on:

  • The Roots of Yiddish Theatre in Eastern Europe
  • The Songs Collected by Ruth Rubin from East European refugees

Programs in Yiddish tango, Yiddish theatre & folk song, children’s songs, wedding music, funeral processions, and garage sales. Songs about love, revolution and potatoes in Yiddish, French, English, Spanish, Ladino. Subways a specialty. Teacher with twenty years’ experience.

See madamlevitsky.com and gonifs.com

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