Mon Feb 08 2021


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Cabaret Culture in Interwar Poland, with Ellie Shapiro

Lecture #35 in Joshua Horowitz’s series, The Promiscuous World of Jewish Music

Monday, February 8, 11am Pacific Time/2pm New York/ 7pm UK/ 8pm most of Europe/ 9pm Israel
Length: 1 – 2 hours
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Jewish musicians played a significant role in shaping the popular culture of the newly independent Poland after World War I. Familiar with the modern sounds coming out of New York’s Tin Pan Alley and the alleys of Buenos Aires, they created a cabaret scene that brought tango, jazz and so much more to excited audiences. This multimedia presentation offers a window into this unique world that tragically ended in 1939.

Ellie Shapiro is an independent scholar focusing on Polish-Jewish relations. In 2018, she completed a dissertation on contemporary Jewish culture festivals in Polish small towns. Formerly the director of the Bay Area-based Jewish Music Festival, she first visited Poland in 2003 as a guest of the Polish Cultural Institute. From 1982-90, she was based in Israel where she worked as a teacher and freelance journalist.

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