Mon Jul 13 2020


11:00 am - 1:00 pm



Down and Dirty Comping: Klezmer Accompaniment for All Instruments, with Josh Horowitz

The Promiscuous World of Jewish Music Series, Lecture 10 (Workshop).

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Learn all you’d ever want to know and may even forget about klezmer accompaniment from the survival level to the fine art level. Josh will show how to accompany Doinas, Khusidls, Freylakhs, Bulgars, Horas, Sirbas, Terkishers and more. He’ll show the village idiot style and the fancy shmancy style side by side to help you understand how to control harmonic rhythm to shape phrases, how to use harmony as color, how to play fills and turnarounds, how to extract accompaniment lines from the melody, how to use heterophony (huh?), how to make secondary lines, and most importantly, what to do when you don’t know the tune but can’t stop playing because you feel compelled to against all your instincts. Join Josh for a non-judgmental session where all are welcome regardless of race, creed, color, sexual orientation or political affiliation.

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There is a Zoom limit of 100 participants.

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