Mon Jan 31 2022


Pacific Time
11:00 am



Az der Rebbe Tantst: The Mitsve Tants in the Courts of the Hasidic Rebbes, with Binyomin Ginsberg

Lecture #68 in Joshua Horowitz’s series, The Promiscuous World of Jewish Music

Az Der Rebbe Tantst: The Mitsve Tants in the Courts of the Hasidic Rebbes With Binyomin Ginsberg

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Length: 1 – 2 hours

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Rooted in mysticism and laden with symbolism, the Mitsve Tants is a unique dance ritual performed at the end of a Hasidic wedding. When members of a Grand Rabbi’s immediate family marry, the Mitsve Tants becomes a community-wide pageant, attended by thousands of Hasidim that lasts many hours. We’ll discuss the the associated music and dance traditions and look at the structure of the Mitsve Tants, the concepts underpinning it,

and varying customs connected to this ritual. We’ll also view documentation and footage of this unusual religious ceremony that Binyomin assembled while researching his book, The Music of the Mitsve Tants in the Courts of the Hasidic Rebbes: 159 Hasidic Dance Melodies.

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