God of Vengeance – Theatre 1

FREE VIEWING starts Sunday, March 20  at 12:01 am PDT through Sunday, March 27 at 11:59 pm PDT

Presentation Completed

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The Closed Captions are in English and also include translation of Yiddish words in the show.

Your password to view the show (100 minutes) is valid for 48 hours, from 12:00 am PDT on your first performance date to 11:59 pm PDT on the second performance date. You may view multiple times at your leisure.

ABOUT THE PLAY – Video Adaptation & Direction by Bruce Bierman
God of Vengeance tells the story of a seemingly observant Jewish couple and their daughter Rivkeleh who live upstairs in their Lower East Side apartment during the Great Depression. Yankl and Soreh do their best to protect their only child from mixing with their bustling livelihood—a thriving ‘brothel’ business downstairs in the basement. Rivkeleh is at a marriageable age and plans for a future husband are being made. She is ensured an attractive dowry when her father commissions a sacred Torah scroll, worth thousands, to be written just for her. Supposedly, the hand-written scroll is believed to protect her and keep her kosher. Meanwhile, young Rivkeleh has fallen in love with Mankeh, one of his prostitutes, and a tender relationship blossoms. Tensions mount and soon life upstairs and downstairs becomes entangled. As Yankl’s plans are threatened, he begins to unravel.

This production is a fiscally sponsored project by KlezCalifornia, Inc.
Viewing Requests and Info: Laura Sheppard, Producer