Tenney, Gerry

 Lecturers, Performers, Yiddish Choruses, Singers and Song Leaders

Klezmer performances with California Klezmer and solo. Composing and performing Yiddish children’s songs. Provides musical direction of performances.

Leads Yiddish sing-alongs, plays mandolin and guitar.

Offers presentations to adults and kids (in grades indicated) on:

  • Intro to Yiddish Language & History (for adults or grades K-12).
  • Learn A Bisl Yiddish (for adults or grades K-12).
  • Why Yiddish Shares So Many Words With Other Languages (Every Language Does) (for adults or grades 7-12)
  • Where in the World are Bobeh and Zeydeh? Jewish Geography and the Languages of Our Ancestors (for adults or grades K-12).
  • Yiddish Customs in North American Jewish Life (for adults or grades K-12).
  • Yiddish Culture in North American Life (for adults or grades K-12).
  • Overview of “Yid Lit”: Yiddish Literature Lesson Plans (for adults or grades K-12). Read a full story or a shortened version of a story by Isaac Bashevis Singer, Sholem Aleichem, or I.L. Peretz. Ten separate lessons, with different stories and discussion questions:
  • Introduction to Klezmer Music (for adults or grades K-12).
  • Jewish Lives in Yiddish Song (for adults or grades K-12)
  • Reaping in Song: The Weekend and Yiddish Protest Culture (for adults or grades 7-12).
  • Listing ID: 619
  • Background: Founder and Director, California Klezmer. Director and Music Teacher, Eastbay Kindershul. CDs: “Let’s Sing a Yiddish Song (Lomir Zingn a Yidish Lid),” with Betty Albert-Schreck and California Klezmer. "The Music Man's in Town."