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Six kinds of bagels offered Saturday and Sunday mornings. Also organic cream cheese, smoked trout salad. Combinations include "The Whole Megillah" and "Everything Everywhere." Get to go or buy to eat in the Junction Beer Garden & Bottle Shop  

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In addition to the usual kinds of bagels, they also have cranberry, chocolate chip, pumpkin, cinnamon sugar, and gluten free. Also coffee, breakfast sandwiches, bagel dogs, chocolate chip cookies. Special day on day-old bagels.

 Ashkenazic Food /  Marin County

Designs synagogue and private gardens, in addition to other work. Studies the spatial organization of traditional Jewish communities in Eastern Europe and its transposition to Jewish communities in the U.S., Canada, Israel and Australia. Masters in Landscape Architecture, Graduate School of Design, Harvard University.

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Having played woodwinds in musicals in the biggest theaters in Israel, Asaf Ophir moved to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2014. He has since participated in musicals such as the award-winning Love Sick in 2017, and The People in the Picture in 2018, in addition to countless productions in...

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The Osher Marin JCC is a non-profit organization that has been sustaining Jewish culture, building community and enriching lives in Marin for 70 years. We invite you to join our community - a multi-generational place where people of all faiths and interests can enhance their mind, body and soul.

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