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PERFORMING Gigging clarinetist and teacher, in klezmer or Balkan styles. Available to sub in klezmer bands, for touring, weddings, Jewish services, etc. "Morgan’s playing is magic. Join her. " (Joanna Manqueros, Host , Music of the World Live, KPFA)   For booking: Klezmer video: TEACHING Bay Area Jewish musician and...

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This Italian from New York is a fluent Yiddish speaker, linguist, and teacher. See current CLASSES.

 Yiddish Language Teachers & Translators /  San Francisco

California inspired mediterranean cooking with drinks to match from San Francisco natives and industry professionals.

 Ashkenazic Food /  San Francisco

A San Francisco-based global collaboration of language specialists and native speakers working to build a publicly accessible digital library of human languages. Has held Yiddish recording sessions.

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Promotes interest in Jewish genealogy and sharing of genealogical resources. Fifteen meetings per year in San Francisco, Los Altos Hills, Oakland. Speakers, programs, workshops, quarterly journal ZichronNote.

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The San Francisco Yiddish Combo (SFYC) was formed by accident when a love of klezmer music collided with their collective backgrounds in every genre except Kklezmer. Now the SFYC is embarked on a journey around the world to present their own unique blend of everything that is klezmer, mixed with...

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Lectures on the history of Yiddish theatre with video clips of Yiddish actors, suitable for non-Yiddish speakers with an interest in theatre and/or Yiddish cultural history. Also lectures on Yiddish and Jewish comic strips. Professor of Theatre Arts, San Francisco State University. Author of Messiahs of 1933, about Yiddish theatre...

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  From Schlok's website: In April 2020, with the restaurant industry suddenly in flux and James and Zack’s respective next ventures put on pause, the two friends decided to have some fun. Knowing James was always up for a culinary challenge, Zack floated the idea of a bagel concept and...

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Opened May 2020. "Elevated Jewish-American Comfort Food." Kreplach, sea salt knishes, brisket dumpling soup, sweet kugel, blintzes. Pickup menu is at Order via UberEats, Caviar and Doordash...

 Ashkenazic Food /  San Francisco

Professional children’s entertainer and edu-tainer since 1997.

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Fosters Jewish – especially Yiddish – culture, education, and the pursuit of social and economic justice.

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Wise Sons Jewish Delicatessen is dedicated to building community through traditional Jewish comfort food. Founded in San Francisco’s Mission District, Wise Sons pairs classic Jewish recipes with the best Californian ingredients to make delicious deli fare that would make your bobe proud. Numerous locations in San Francisco, plus Downtown Oakland,...

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An ongoing series on conversational and written Yiddish presented in the Jewish and Roman script along with a study of East European Jewish culture and history. Meets Fridays 3-4:30pm via Zoom. The class is filled now and there are no plans to accept new students. If you want to speak...

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