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Presentations year-round on all aspects of Yiddish culture to students grades K-12 in day schools, religious schools, and Jewish day camps. Lesson plans available to teachers in the Bay Area and beyond.

 Youth Programs

Klezmer performances with California Klezmer and solo. Composing and performing Yiddish children's songs. Provides musical direction of performances. Leads Yiddish sing-alongs, plays mandolin and guitar. Offers presentations to adults and kids (in grades indicated) on: Intro to Yiddish Language & History (for adults or grades K-12). Learn A Bisl Yiddish (for...

 Lecturers, Performers, Yiddish Choruses, Singers & Song Leaders /  East Bay

We strive to make the highest quality bagels using traditional bagel making techniques and the best ingredients. Our bagels are made with fresh flour, whole grains, and fermented with a sourdough starter. We use local and organic produce, dairy, and grains.  Closed Monday and Tuesday.

 Ashkenazic Food /  Sonoma County

In Yiddish: News, cooking shows, crossword puzzles, and more Word of the Day videos.

 Yiddish Culture Online, Yiddish Language & Culture – Informal Learning /  Online

Klezmer music & Yiddish songs for weddings, parties, street marches, bar/bas mitsveh celebrations, simkhes of all sorts. Leader Jeanette Lewicki

 Performers /  East Bay

Thursdays 10 – 11:30am Turn your morning into dance. Discover the beauty and rejuvenating force of this ancient ecstatic dance as the moves of the ancestors are tailor fit to each individual body and unique expression. Glorious Jewish World Beat and Middle East grooves are our soundtrack as the whole...

 Dance Classes & Dance Leaders /  East Bay

The Kleztet is a peninsula-based band with core members Lisa Ratner, Mark Goldstein, Kathy Sherman and Naomi Temes. We play weddings, parties, b'nei mitzveh events, and celebrations of all kinds. Our music styles include klezmer, celtic, jazz, folk and classical.

 Performers /  Santa Clara County

Exhibit space, lunchtime and evening programs. No charge. For almost half a century, the Judah L. Magnes Museum offered exhibitions and public programs on the history and the cultures of the Jews in the Global Diaspora and the American West. In 2010, the collection was donated to U.C. Berkeley and...

 Jewish Arts Presenters, Other Resources /  East Bay

A band of talented young musicians, from fifth graders to high school seniors, performs for concerts, simkhehs, and community events. With Ben Kramarz, Resident Music Educator. Affiliated with Temple Isaiah.

 Youth Programs /  Contra Costa County

Live music for weddings, b'nai mitzveh parties, and other celebrations.


Yiddish language and culture

 Yiddish Culture Online

Fosters Jewish – especially Yiddish – culture, education, and the pursuit of social and economic justice.

 Other Resources /  San Francisco

Great for beginners learning alphabet and basic grammar. Search online for this book. KlezCalifornia does not sell it.

 Yiddish Language Textbooks

Offers a variety of hand-rolled artisan bagels and cream cheeses, babka, challah, and gravlax. Available at ten North Bay locations. Free delivery within Napa and St. Helena limits, minimal charge for deliveries to Calistoga, American Canyon, and Fairfield.  

 Ashkenazic Food /  Napa County

Tsene-Rene is a psychoklezmer band in the S.F. Bay Area that plays classic and original antifascist jams, high-energy freylekhs and soul-throbbing ballads in mameloshn (Yiddish), medineh-loshn (English) and loshn-koydesh (Hebrew). Mike (guitar), Jackie (fiddle), Binya (vocals), Atid (clarinet) and Aaron (drums) and sometimes even Sam (accordion) forge gelt from the...


Klezmer, Russian, Rom (East European Gypsy), Balkan, Romanian, Greek, Polish, Israeli and other music on accordion, clarinet, violin, tzimbl, percussion, vocals, balalaika/ domra/ mandolin/ bouzouki, string bass/tuba, and trombone,


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